Thursday, May 04, 2006

other things

these are just some random other things from sketchbooks or other classes... shit like that.

visual process assignment

michael carpenter

yeah, i don't know.

harpoon barage
[otherwise known as hunter brown.]

the lovely jessie pruitt. ink.
[yeah, this drawing doesn't really do her justice.]

illustration stuff

final piece from 51 thumbnails assignment

toy painting
[i'd post the color one, too, but it pretty much blows.]

color and observation

some work from color and observation. yeah.

these are all acrylic.

figure painting

self portrait
[the proportions are definately fucked, but i like how the colors turned out.]

complimentary color still life

one of the thumbnails for the final project
[the actual final painting is still at skewl.]

figure work

this is some of my figure stuff from this past semester. you can click these bitchez for larger images.



sight measuring study

bony landmarks study

bony landmarks study

muscle study

value study

hand study

ink figure study