Thursday, May 04, 2006

other things

these are just some random other things from sketchbooks or other classes... shit like that.

visual process assignment

michael carpenter

yeah, i don't know.

harpoon barage
[otherwise known as hunter brown.]

the lovely jessie pruitt. ink.
[yeah, this drawing doesn't really do her justice.]


Anastasia Photographer said...

howdy partner

I love your work

mrs amy pamy

have a good summer

awesome stuff

see u in sept

Jasmin said...

I love this picture. I knew it was her right off the bat. You captured her really well yet it's stylized nicely.

bullfola said...

lots of good things i see

mclean said...

Holy Shit, keep doing stuff in ink, that is hella sweet. The earlier figure work is also swell, I love looking at peoples' figure work, its says a lot.

Cateris said...

Hey I love your pen and ink stuff, it reminds me of Paul Pope. :)