Monday, February 02, 2009

aaahhh no time!

i wish i had time to post everything i've been up to lately, but this is all i can manage for now!

here's an awesome collab joe and i did on the plane:

sneak peek at thesis stuff:


holladay jackson said...

I want to hang out with you more so that I can see cute little creepy drawings of myself

neily-o said...

these look awesome son...

good drawings my friend, i'm glad i'm a part of your silly life

sprang brake!


Lindsey Lydecker said...

omg it's looking amazing.
i love it

Sarah said...

Oh man I can't wait for your thesis!

Kyle McCullough said...

Great stuff. Love your stylization of your faces. Amazing stuff.


lindsaykay said...

yeahhhhhhhhh wooooo omg omg omg

no but really, for real, awesome.

feck yeah!


Joe said...

Only you could make a cat boner beautiful. :)

Monica Gonzalez Romero said...

Wow, these are so much fun!